02May 2019
How Do You Deliver A Consistent Customer Experience?

How Do You Deliver A Consistent Customer Experience? Too many brands only celebrate exceptional customer service. That means the rest of the time, service is simply ordinary. Instead, brands should define their standards based on what every customer gets every time and celebrate the percentage of times they deliver that standard. This way they are setting […]

04Apr 2019

Your brand spends a lot on researching your customers and have created clear profiles of customer segments. You know what the segment members do when they are not visiting you and their choice of media. You know WHO they are and WHAT they do. But do you know: WHY they do what they do? Your […]

07Mar 2019

How is your dating life going if you… Give out a reward card on your first date and after each date you punch a heart and offer a reward of carnations after 5 punches and roses after 10? For last-minute dates, you offer double points (two punches)? You offer specials such as a free dessert […]

07Feb 2019

How would you feel if you found out that your date was tracking where you go, what you do, and was found going through your credit card statements? You may feel that you are being STALKED. Shouldn’t your date simply pay attention to you and get to know you? Many brands do the same thing […]

03Jan 2019

Once you align your brand in the feeling business, it is important to quantify the value of positive feelings you are generating in your customers. Your customers always walk in with an anticipation and if you surprise them with something nice, it will start the experience on a positive note. Then you can build on […]

07Dec 2018

YOU ARE IN THE FEELINGS BUSINESS   Every customer, every day walks into your store with anticipation. Everything you do or don’t do impacts your customers’ feelings and all the feelings blend to influence the customer’s relationship with your brand. Hence it is the Customer Feelings that defines your success. THE FIRST FEELING SETS THE […]

08May 2017

Over the years, I have seen that for most hospitality brands, especially restaurant chains, the guest experience drops the most at peak times.  In fact, for some brands, nearly half the customer dissatisfaction comes during peak times. WHY IS THIS THE CASE? Imagine your brand is designed to serve 100 customers at peak time. That […]

26Jan 2017

For this episode I would like to share an excerpt from the Customer Karma book: As I grew older, my grandma helped me connect the dots in each of these learning moments. One evening, when we were sitting on the balcony, I told her that after finishing high school, I wanted to be an engineer. […]

17Aug 2016

The Customer Karma® book is at the final phases of its production.  The cover design is done. Now it is left to the publishers to do their share to make the book look good so that I can get the book in your hands. As I look back and relive every moment I spent writing […]

12May 2016

When you go to a movie theater, you often enter through the main entrance and then leave through a back door at the end of the movie. This flow makes it simple to check customers’ tickets as they enter. If crowds of customers entering and exiting at the theater the same time converge at the […]

15Mar 2016

Over the years of consumer research, I have learned that the customers cannot always give you the right answer when you: ASK THEM THE WRONG QUESTION: If you ask the customer the wrong question, the customer will answer the question truthfully; but the answer you get may mislead you. Here is an example: Most retail […]

06Feb 2016

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner. Super Bowl is the #1 night for pizza delivery. But it was not this way all the time.  Let me take you back to 1990s.  Look at this Pizza Hut ad from 1990s.  One thing is missing in the ad is no mention of delivery. Early 1990s […]

15Jan 2016

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you and family had an amazing holiday. Now that the holidays are behind us, you may be reflecting on the stress of the last minute shopping in December and then the anxiety of returns in January.  You will realize that retail brands have not wasted a moment and have […]

04Dec 2015

In the last blog, I talked about the power of customer observation. This time, let me switch gears and talk about the power of conversation with customers. The power of conversation is based on the following three key learning: CUSTOMERS CAN REACT TO A PRODUCT OFFERING, BUT THEY CANNOT DESIGN NEW PRODUCTS FOR A BRAND. […]

28Oct 2015

Do consumers lie to mislead you?  I was told they do not.  Then help me understand what was wrong with the following picture when I was working for a bagel restaurant chain. 65% of customers stated that they wanted to try specialty bagel and flavored cream cheese. 55% of customers stated that they do not […]