About Us

ZenMango is a Win Big Agency that helps businesses identify their one-of-one positioning and put them on the path to Win Big. Our proprietary approach helps us be the best in what we do and partner with you to deliver on your WOW brand promise. We take your ideas to consistent delivery by figuring out what every customer gets every time. This way we can partner with you to be one-of-one in your industry by creating a culture of approaching each customer with a “Wow One More®” mindset.

Our 7 Key Differences
  1. Big Win experience over the last 30 years.
  2. Big Impact in restaurants & hospitality, retail, service, non-profits, and sports brands.
  3. We are first to put brands in the Feeling Business®.
  4. Unique roadmap created by our unique proprietary concepts (Leaky Bucket®, Wow One More®, Feeling Business®, Food Actually®, Taking Brands Beyond®)
  5. We can feel the pulse of the customer and have a proven track record of seeing where the customers are going.
  6. We always go beyond beyond, as the extra beyond puts brands on the path to win big.
  7. With the end goal locked, we help identify the right branding and/or operations solutions to get there.
Solutions We Offer You

Sustained growth in transaction and revenue by:

  1. Identifying your ownable one-of-one positioning.
  2. Creating a path to delivering the one-of-one promise.
  3. Maximizing brand elements to communicate the brand promise.
  4. Unearthing brand origin, founder, and impact stories to separate the brand.
  5. Creating a stronger connection with customers.
  6. Finding new customers and new markets.
3 Ways We Can Impact Your Business
  1. Project Partner
  2. Retainer Partner
  3. Speaking to Inspire Your Team
Here are the key members of our leadership team

We partner as an extension of your team that is ready to take your brand to the next level. Here are key members of our team who you will interact with once we start working together in our partnership.

Arjun Sen


Arjun Sen is a Big Impact Brand Zen®; A Customer Experience Disruptor who has put brands of all sizes on the path to Win Big.

As CEO of ZenMango, he has helped brands like DISH Network, Walgreens, DaVita, AliveCor, Retina Specialty Institute, Coca Cola, Domino’s, Chipotle, McDonald’s, and Chili’s take the next big step to Win Big. Prior to that, Arjun was the VP of Marketing & Operations at Papa John’s, where he built their online business, now worth more than $1 Billion a year and was part of the leadership that took the 3,000-restaurant chain to record growth, over a 4-year period.

Arjun is a celebrated author and C-Suites Whisperer to some of the top executives in the country. As a keynote speaker, his message on brand and customer experience is internationally acclaimed. Blaine Hurst, Former President and CEO of Panera Bread, called him, “One of the most ‘marketing-Intelligent’ minds in the business today.”

Arjun got his B Tech. degree in Aeronautical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, India and his MBA from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA.

Clint McCaskill


Clint McCaskill is the operations expert whose understanding of what it takes to get things done makes ZenMango impactful.

As VP of Operations, he prides himself on getting to know the pain-points of every client and where they want to go. His focus on details and client understanding are the secrets that results in a big impact every time.

He has impacted clients in all areas of business strategy development and implementation including brand architecture, market segmentation, new product development, and advertising effectiveness and tracking.

Clint holds a B.S. in Marketing from Metropolitan University of Denver.



As HR People Manager, Chitra is a performance driven HR professional with a track record of big impact in recruiting at all levels of management and influencing Employee Satisfaction, Employee Relationship, and Performance Management for businesses small and big in the fields of hospitality and non-profits.

She excels in developing and leveraging relationships with key stakeholders. Her passion and skills in people assist ZenMango create brand strategies that clients can deliver successfully.

Chitra holds a Master’s in human resource management and a Bachelor’s in labor studies & Employee Relations from Rutgers University, NJ.



As Brand Communications Manager Sahana leads the brand communications team in enhancing a brand’s image and specializes in increasing brand awareness. Her biggest goal is to ensure that all team members provide high brand communication and are always discovering areas for improvement.

Sahana is currently pursuing a B.S. in Advertising with a Minor in Business Administration at the University of Texas at Austin.



As Brand Strategy Manager at ZenMango, Kriti’s passion is understanding how brands can connect with their customers, in the bigger picture. Kriti has been instrumental in building the podcast, Secrets to Win Big as it went from 0 to 100,000 views in just less than three months and are still growing.

Kriti gets the core of “why branding & marketing exist”. What makes Kriti an ever bigger valuable asset is that she continuously discovers; and she has a mind which asks questions. She is a true asset during the ZenMango’s proprietary “See Beyond” phase of client Discovery.

Kriti holds a B.S. in Marketing with a concentration in International Business from Purdue University.