About Us

ZenMango provides brand with unmatched insights and partnership to help them achieve BIG business wins.

We start by investing in your brand and learn about your challenges/opportunities. Next, we take time to separate symptoms from key drivers and help identify insights that make action inevitable. Our case studies show how we helped major Restaurant, Service, Retail, Non-Profit and Sports brands worldwide, both in the B2C and B2B2C space, get to Big Wins.

Our difference:
  1. Invest in getting to know your brand, where you want to go, and what has made you successful.
  2. Go beyond to get to know about your customers and their needs and drivers.
  3. Dig deep to find that one insight, we call it the first Domino®, as finding it completely changes the perspective of the brand.
  4. Always have impact in mind, as results come from successful implementation of ideas.
  5. Be a value-multiplier to your brand, and always look for ways to put you on the path from one-of-few to one-of-one.
Here are the key members of our leadership team:

We are the extension of your team that is ready to take your brand to the next level. Here are key members of our team who you will interact with once we start working together in our partnership.

Arjun Sen


Arjun Sen is a Big Impact Brand Whisperer; A Customer Experience Disruptor who has puts brands of all sizes on the path to Win Big.

As CEO of ZenMango, he has helped brands like DISH Network, Walgreens, DaVita, Coca Cola, Domino’s, Chipotle, McDonald’s, and Chili’s take the next big step to Win Big. Prior to that, Arjun was the VP of Marketing & Operations at Papa John’s, where he built their online business, now worth more than $1 Billion a year and was part of the leadership that took the 3,000-restaurant chain to record growth, over a 4-year period.

Arjun is a celebrated author and whisperer to some of the top executives in the country. As a keynote speaker, his message on brand and customer experience is internationally acclaimed. Blaine Hurst, Former President and CEO of Panera Bread, called him, “One of the most ‘marketing-Intelligent’ minds in the business today.”

Arjun got his B Tech. degree in Aeronautical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, India and his MBA from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA.

Clint McCaskill


Clint McCaskill is the operations expert whose understanding of what it takes to get things done makes ZenMango impactful.

As VP of Operations, he prides himself on getting to know the pain-points of every client and where they want to go. His focus on details and client understanding are the secrets that results in a big impact every time.

He has impacted clients in all areas of business strategy development and implementation including brand architecture, market segmentation, new product development, and advertising effectiveness and tracking.

Clint holds a B.S. in Marketing from Metropolitan University of Denver.