ZenMango, lead by its founder & CEO Arjun Sen, takes every-day-normal and puts brands big and small on the path to Win Big. Winning is fun but winning big puts businesses on the path to sustained wins and that creates long-term success. ZenMango has experienced behind every day normal there are hidden Big Win opportunities that are waiting to be discovered and cashed in for a big advantage that seems unfair.

Example: Review of sales seasonality identified key opportunities and two self-sustaining promotions which resulted in Billion Dollar incremental sales.


Common trap: Most brands try to see business opportunities in a planned and structured way and this pre-wired way of seeing results in seeing what they want to see.

The ZenMango Difference: ZenMango focuses on identifying the 360-degree vision that enables a business to see what most others miss. ZenMango’s proprietary process is a proven framework that starts with an unrushed pause that gives the chance to see everything. This journey is accompanied by childlike excitement of “what will we see next?” and a belief that “We will see something big that is worth it.”

This helps businesses take the great first step by reflecting Point-of-views of key decision-makers/stakeholders of the brand, reviewing past brand reports, internal KPIs and drivers, and competitive industry reports. All this is done to understand identify where the customer needs & pain points are and where they will love to go from there. This leads to an understanding of the consumer need space, and future opportunities.

Example: During a routine review of the brand’s seasonality for a presentation, we paused and started staring at the unique seasonality trend of the brand. We realized that ‘by market’, ‘by year’, and ‘by type’ of the store, this brand’s current high seasonality started beginning of May and ended the middle of October. As this was so typical of the business, disrupting that could result in a Big Win.


Common trap: Businesses often get excited to take their customers to a place where they want them to go, instead of where the customers really want to go. They rush to get to insights to act on instead of feeling the customer pain points that will uncover big wins.

The ZenMango Difference: ZenMango builds on solving for ‘customer feelings’, as we believe that we are all in the feeling business®. Offering just what the customer wants fulfills their needs but only when customers feel wow, they feel a purposeful connection with the business and get into a ‘must-share in social media’ moment.

Example: As we stared at the brand’s high seasonality that started from May and ended the middle of October, we started asking the question “what happens if we can extend the high seasonality of by two weeks on both sides? What will connect with customers to change their current behavior”. Initial calculations showed that the rewards for giving customers a reason to want to visit the store during those four additional weeks was simply obscene.


Common trap: Businesses often stop immediately after finding a good idea. They do not continue the journey to see what is just around the corner.

The ZenMango Difference: ZenMango has seen in all its high-impact projects that it is easier to make an idea bigger than to find another new idea. Once a good idea is identified, ZenMango focuses on making the idea even bigger by asking a series of what-if questions. The ultimate goal is to maximize the customer’s feelings and make the customer reach an “OMG. How did you know” moment.

Example: Instead of putting in a marketing event slot middle of April and the end of October, we wanted to identify what naturally occurs during those periods and how can the business own those events to create self-sustaining events that will result in the business owning those events and result in perpetual revenue. That resulted in tax Day and Halloween promotions that have resulted in Billion Dollar incremental sales.