YOURNESS®: Unlock & Unleash Your Personal Brand

As the world is on a temporary pause button, here is your chance to invest in your personal brand, to come out ahead!

Branding guru, Arjun Sen, with 30+ years of experience with working as whisperer to top executives worldwide, will help jump start your personal brand. Be excited and ready to learn how to look at yourself as a brand and create a simple actionable road-map to separate yourself in the professional world forever. Arjun’s Yourness® has made big impact for individual CXO’s and Senior Management teams.


  1. The importance of seeing yourself as a brand
  2. What is your desired brand perception
  3. Your brand differentiation plan
  4. Discover origin and thought leadership stories
  5. Your brand communication content plan
  6. Maximize LinkedIn and other interactions to enhance your brand
  7. Having fun and celebrating wins

Arjun Sen, CEO has led the ZenMango team to make big impacts on major Restaurant, Service, Retail, Non-Profit and Sports brands worldwide, both in the B2C and B2B2C space. He is a former Fortune 500 executive. At Papa John’s, he led the 3,000-restaurant chain to 4-years of record growth. He is one of the top disruptors in the Brand and Customer Experience space. Blaine Hurst, Former President and CEO of Panera Bread, called him, “One of the most ‘marketing-Intelligent’ minds in the business today.” He is an acclaimed author and highly sought-after international keynote speaker.

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