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Imagine you are one three gas stations off the freeway in a remote location. Your business success depends on what percentage of cars stop & choose you and giving them a reason to buy more than just gas. Instead of leaving it to chance, why not create a compelling reason for your business to be “My Stop” for every car on the freeway....

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You can have a box full of beads, but when you find the right thread that connects the beads, you have a bracelet that everyone wants....

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Secrets to Win Big with Arjun Sen

Working with top business professionals and sports personalities, I have observed that the Best never stop investing in getting better. That desire to continuously invest to get better puts us on the path to sustained wins. Every time I have met leaders from any field, I always wanted to learn what uniquely makes them successful. This podcast is a direct outcome of that learning and inspiration over the years. Welcome to Secrets to Win Big. Winning is fun but winning big will put you on the path to long term sustained success. I am really excited to share the first three episodes of the podcast to you. They are: Episode 1: Build a Breakthrough Innovation Culture with VIP Guest Blaine Hurst (Part 1) Blaine Hurst, Former President & CEO, Panera Bread Episode 2: Run the Race with Joy with VIP Guest Blaine Hurst (Part 2) Blaine Hurst, Former President & CEO, Panera...

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311 Challenge Map

For any branding project the journey starts with a clear vision of the finish line. Five years ago, on a June morning, I started dreaming of an initiative to create a global digital space where there is only good news. That journey became real only a year back when I finally saw the finish line for the initiative. The vision was about a family with kids, sitting in front of a screen and looking engrossed at a world map.  They had big smiles on their face as every few seconds a new story of kindness and good deed from some corner of the world was popping up. Today that vision has become a reality and I am excited to invite you to the 311 Challenge for a better world. All of us together are responsible for our world and the site gives all of us an opportunity to make it better. The...

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