23Jun 2009

Many times when I write about Marperations™, Operations gets the bad guy image, something which is trying to come in with measures to be more efficient and hence makes the guest experience more blah. The following incident is slightly different as Marketing set a tone which put Operations in a no-win situation.June 16, Westminster, ColoradoA […]

16Jun 2009

Recently, my daughter was not feeling well. It was a Friday afternoon, after 4PM. Most readers who are parents will agree with me that health problems with our children mainly happen either after hours or on weekends. So like any dad would do, I took her to The Children’s Hospital. In Denver they have a […]

09Jun 2009

During my days in working in the Pizza Industry (I started my career at Pizza Hut and eventually was the VP of Marketing & Operations Services at Papa John’s), one thing always baffled me. Why did the pizza category have the highest deal rate among any restaurant category? (A deal rate simply means what percentage of customers felt that they […]

02Jun 2009

Recently, I was visiting a Target. At check-out, I only had seven items so I went through the fast lane. It was quick and efficient. I was done in lightning speed. When I was ready to gather my bags and leave, I paused to look at the long line of regular customers who were buying more than […]

20May 2009

(What happened after hours, just happened after hours.) Last week I attended the National Restaurant Association’s Marketing Executives Group (MEG) conference in Chicago. This is a list of the Top 10 Winners & 1 Hmmm at MEG this year. If you were absent, please contact your MEG friends to catch up on the scoop (as you really […]

17May 2009

RMG believes in identifying information that makes action inevitable. Identifying the value of a customer and how to move them up the frequency ladder is a guaranteed way to increase a brand’s sales. RMG strongly recommends quarterly measurements of a brand’s customer base and identifying the volume of each usage group and how much each […]

16May 2009

ZenMango uses the following three rules develop a unified measure of Marperations™: The measure must be a leading indicator and not a trailing indicator. A leading indicator allows a brand to tweak its marketing and operations strategies to influence that same leading indicator. The measure should be simple and communicated all through the organization. It […]

15May 2009

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Nation’s Restaurant News recently reported on a study done by Restaurant Marketing Group (a division of ZenMango). The study reveals three consumer trends that are coming out of the recent “down economy.” Can I get what I buy cheaper? I used to spend $8 for a sandwich at your restaurant, […]

14May 2009

Solving for InefficiencyFirst there was dine-in.  America left home for a destination meal. Then a smart operator thought of maximizing asset utilization. “We have an asset that isn’t currently being maximized. We can increase our output, without increasing the dining-room capacity, by allowing the kitchen’s capacity to drive productivity in my restaurant.”  Take-out was born. This […]

11May 2009

Restaurant Marketing Group, ZenMango’s restaurant focused division, has completed their annual Leaky Bucket study for 2009. This year’s study is the largest to date, and includes 160 national and regional restaurant brands for the most comprehensive competitive outlook in the industry. The Leaky Bucket study is focused on customers who try a brand but state […]

25Apr 2009

Last week PepsiCo sued Coca-Cola for false claims that the new Powerade ion4 sports drink is more complete than Gatorade. BevNet recently posted this article following the suit.  This high-profile case has highlighted the importance of ad claim substantiation in competative warfare marketing. A brand’s marketing and legal teams must work seamlessly in the planning of such an […]

08Apr 2009

ZenMango’s restaurant focused arm, Restaurant Marketing Group, was featured in Nation’s Restaurant News this week for their recently published 2009 Restaurant & Consumer Trends report. Click here to read the article and find out what Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman has to do with overcoming some of 2009’s biggest obsticals, like keeping current customers active.

02Apr 2009

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01Apr 2009

The present state of the economy has created an environment in which business strategies will either sink or swim, depending on ability to adapt. As I consult with a variety of companies during these down times, attention is being called back to the core structure of these brands. Marperations is a key piece to this […]