05Aug 2011

If Marketing Ran the Airline World:  As passengers board the plane, marketing would love to create “a moment” to start the experience. The moment could include a video where employees or the president of the airline thank customers for choosing the airline, then present a feel-good section where happy customers and employees showcase the cities […]

16Jun 2011

Ever wonder why some retailers or restaurants put on their coupons, “Valid at participating locations only”? It is a very glass-half-full way of saying, “Some locations may not take this coupon, but go ahead and try it anyway.” Based on this, three questions come to mind: Why do marketers want to promote an offer that […]

26May 2011

Written for and distributed at the Marketing Executives Group, Chicago, May 19, 2011;  Published in Restaurant Marketing Group’s MEG Consumer Talk   Lane Cardwell President, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro I have had a lot of beginnings lately.  In the past two years I have doubled the number of restaurant companies that I have worked for in […]

12May 2011

As we work in the area of Marperations, it is important to understand the origin of the marketing-operations divide. This understanding will help us figure out why operations cares so much about efficiency and why marketing has an eye single to effectiveness. A look back in history shows that the 18th and beginning of the 19thcentury marked the rise of […]

07Apr 2011

Ever since the inception of the Marperations concept, I have been searching for  examples where operations completely defines a brand and marketing simply must reflect the differentiated operations. Last weekend I found an example where I would have least expected it. I was in the Cherry Creek area of Denver waiting for a meeting. To […]

17Nov 2010

Pizza Hut goes for slices of real life with employees in ads  By KAREN ROBINSON-JACOBS / The Dallas Morning News  In an era when ordering a pizza doesn’t necessarily involve human contact, using workers in ads reinforces the message that “these are genuine human beings who are making these pizzas,” said Arjun Sen, president of […]

04Nov 2010

Arjun Sen was featured in the November issue of PGA Magazine as the expert source on price and value in Don Jozwiak’s cover story article. The article keenly applies to industries outside the golfing realm and is well worth the read. Click here to jump to the article. “Given the current economy, pricing is a […]

20Sep 2010

 It was a pleasure and honor to moderate a Sports Marketing panel at Dine America hosted by QSR Magazine. We had a great team of panelists that included Tracy White, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, and Chief Sales Officer for the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers and Philips Arena; John Kittredge, Fabri-Kal; and Bruce Skala, […]

02Sep 2010

Understanding Why Customers Leave May Be More Important Than Understanding Why They Come by Arjun Sen Published: September 01, 2010 CMO Strategy Column, AdvertisingAge  The cost of acquiring new customers can easily add up to five times that of retaining current customers. In the new world of marketing, where CMOs are more cost conscious than […]

11Aug 2010

As I sit in a USAir flight from Charlotte to Denver, it dawned on me that the airlines are going through a transition from a hospitality industry to that of retail. Earlier it was all about hospitality.  Hospitality included a greeting at the door, assisting the elderly to their seat, getting the customer a pillow […]

27Jul 2010

After I boarded the flight and sat down in my seat, the flight attendant brought me a glass of cold water.  The water hit the spot.  She saw me with my Taco Bell bag and came to me and asked, “Can I have it?”  My immediate reaction was, “No it is mine.”  She smiled at […]

23Jul 2010

In today’s tough economy, every store is trying to find ways to increase its guest count.  Sometimes, the smallest of gestures or actions makes a customer walk away.  What is worse is there are times we set an expectation to the customer and then disappoint the customer.  A disappointed customer of course is very unlikely […]

06Jul 2010

My daughter, my niece, and I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to get to Cherry Creek Mall on June 24th because the new iPhone came out.  Of course as a dad I did not want to miss the opportunity to get the first iPhone on the first day just to make my daughter […]

15Jan 2010

In the classical business model, we all say we want a win-win relationship. But is there such thing as a true win-win relationship? Isn’t there always an ending where one party feels that he/she could have gotten more? But traditional marketers and operators as well finance team in organizations reject the concept of lose-win immediately. […]

09Dec 2009

In one of my early projects in the corporate world, I built a team member satisfaction measuring tool for the company I was working for. As I built the questionnaire, I covered all areas from hiring to training, from on the job satisfaction to the role of the supervisor and compensation.   Once the data was […]